Have a Nice Pizza Takeaway in Melbourne, The smart food!

Fresh, Flavourful & Authentic Halal food takeaway in Melbourne

Craving for something flavorful? Come along, join our den. The place is only for foodies. For delicious pizza look no further than Roza’s Kitchen. We’ve got a huge variety with a number of flavors. This particular delight brings the whole paradise to your plate.


Our efficient chefs play with a variety of ingredients and ultimately the flavors explode!  The masterpiece is created using the amazing art of cooking. The dens of chefs cook out of passion for food – They create amazing masterpieces. We don’t sell you just some foodstuff, we sell you flavors.


Want to join us? Welcome to the paradise – the cute homey restaurant! Get thrived by the delicious specialties. Get whatever you’re dreaming about.


Feeling hungry? What’s keeping you on hold? Pick up the phone now and order. Get fast Pizza takeaway in Melbourne right away! Get the food straight in your house. You no longer have to wait for hours and hours. Grab what you’re yearning for – quite quickly with a few clicks.


You have the complete freedom to yearn for something delicious. Enjoy different flavors of the same delight. We let you enter into the world of marvels through a broad range of varieties. Experience a gastronomic journey by eating traditional pizza. Enjoy a mix of different flavors with Mexicana, Margarita, Capricciosa and more. We can even offer you a mixture of classical and contemporary flavorings with Marinara, Hawaiian, and Supreme and more – All of the mouthwatering pieces are enjoyable with reasonable prices. Each much and spend less.


You get the toppings of your pick for all different kinds of varieties of pizza. Hawaiian has tomato, Ham, Cheese, Pineapple as a topping. The Saff is topped with mushroom, cheese, Mushroom, Shrimps, Olives, Garlic, Oregano, and much more. The toppings of Margarita are Oregano, Fresh Basil, and Cheese.  Mexicana has Hot Salami, Capsicum, Chili, and Onion.


Bored of eating the same diet daily? Try out something different. The different variety will add colors to your life. The light delicious delight is refreshing, not just for your health but also for your soul. We bet that you won’t get any better than what we have to deliver you.


Who doesn’t want to dine well? We are aware of our customers need. Always feel invited to drop into our Roza’s Kitchen, with your loved ones – Enjoy pleasant and home-like surroundings.


Worried about high costs? Be happy now! You get the desired flavors at an affordable price. No waste of money! Spend only a few dollars. Smoke Salmon is available at only $17. The Veggie delight costs $15. The Lamb prices $19. Buy up beef special at $15. Further, you can get Tandoori Chicken at $15. You can get even more at pocket-friendly prices.


Got tired of slow-moving food transport services? Welcome to the super-fast delivery system of our dedicated crew. The decent takeaway place lets you carry the leftovers with yourself while leaving. Roza’s Kitchen offers you the fastest service of Pizza takeaway in Melbourne.

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